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Bottle Labels – Afterthought or Vital for Product?

Packaging conveys a huge amount of information to consumers. It can have a direct impact upon their decision to buy, as well as helping them to form opinions about your brand. It might seem like a label is just something to get printed off and stuck on a bottle, but that label has a very important role to play in distinguishing your product on the market and getting it into the hands of your intended consumers.


Convey quality


The finishing touches can often be the most important things in defining a product. Customers will automatically assume that the quality of your labels accurately reflects the quality of your product. If they see poor quality packaging, they have no reason to believe that the product inside is going to be any good.


Spread your brand


Strong graphic design combined with high quality printing helps get your brand out there. It’s not just your customer who will see the label. Once they have bought your product, they may inadvertently display your label and your brand to many other people. This kind of identification helps to spread your image far and wide, leading to increased reputation and even word-of-mouth referrals.


Attract your target customers


You want the right kind of people to buy your product. Apart from the shape of the bottle itself, the label could be the only source of information a potential customer has about your brand and your product. That means your label is what will ensure your target market picks up your product. Both design and the quality of the print will have a huge impact on how your product is perceived.


Create the right feel for your product


What do you want people to think about your product? What kind of image is your customer going to expect when they pick up your bottle? Colours, shapes, positioning and font all help to create an image in the customer’s mind. Is your brand fun and relaxed, or serious and sophisticated? Is it for the everyday consumer, or the distinguished professional?


Display key information


With the label being the place upon which key information about your product is displayed you need to ensure that the printing is at the highest standard. Poor quality printing could make vital information hard to read. At best it gives you an unprofessional image, but at worst they could lose you sales.


Add the final flourish for your satisfaction


Professionally printed labels are an important final touch for any bottled product. They help give an air of professionalism, and also help your product to appear finished. Great branding can make an ordinary bottle into an amazing and desirable object, one that your target market won’t be able to resist, and that you will be proud to display online, or in retail stores.


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