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How Print Helps Keep You a Local Company


As a company based in Manchester you will want to be involved with the locals. They were, or still are, likely to be your primary market. It was here, with them, that you grew your business to the stage it is today. Being a local business is often one of the best-selling points you can have. People from the same area will feel more connected to you. No matter how big your company grows, or how diverse you become, the locals are likely to remain one of your most loyal and dependable customer groups.


So how do you make sure that you stay local? Whether you’re a new company just starting out, or a company that stretches all across the country, print marketing is a great way to keep yourself grounded in your community.


Getting closer with print


One of the great things about print media is that it still allows you to go where your target market is. You can of course target people on the internet based upon location, but this isn’t the same as actually being nearby. Local people are going to feel much more connected to you if they see a poster for your business, for example, on their way to the Arndale shopping centre, than if they see a small advertisement on YouTube or Facebook. The internet gives you the chance to engage people who are far away, but print is a physical medium, and makes for a much more meaningful connection with locals.


Making house calls with direct mail


And then there is direct mail. It is still one of the most effective forms of advertising. It allows you to send letters, leaflets or brochures to people who live in Manchester. You can use exclusive promotions, such as loyalty cards or discounts, to show that you still value your local customers. It encouraged new custom, and they can also make your target market feel that you are valuing local business over national or international sales.


Ensure all the signs are there


Of course if you want people in Manchester to do business with you, you’ll need to make sure they know where you are. Signs of different sizes have many purposes, whether leading the way to your premises, or identifying which building you are in. They can be used to give key information, announce sales and special offers, or just remind people that you’re around.


Being local, and remaining local, is important for a lot of businesses. Even large companies put a lot of effort into getting involved with their communities. But you don’t have to run huge campaigns to gain local publicity. Print marketing is a great way for you to continue to connect with, as well as keep, your locally-based customers.


All you need to do is make sure that you are sending out the highest quality materials possible. That’s why we offer a full design and printing service, so that you can show your business off to locals with pride.



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