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Laboratory Labels


Effective, accurate, clear and durable labels are essential for storage, identification and transportation within a laboratory environment and as such it is crucial that you use the correct kind of labels to stand up to the demands without degradation or removal. We offer a full range of laboratory appropriate labels to ensure you can correctly identify every test tube, vial, sample or any other piece of vital equipment in your lab.

With a comprehensive array of labels made from highly durable substrates every laboratory label is suitably manufactured to withstand extreme heat and cold, exposure to chemicals and all intense procedures that they may be subject to.

The laboratory labels have special coatings to allow for accurate recording of data that will remain legible and the versatility to be over-printed through thermal transfer as well as office or desktop printers.  We supply labels for every occurrence whether looking for long-term bonding or short-term easily removable adhesives, bonding to wet surfaces with aqueous adhesive or even adhesives resistant to water submerging, freezing, sterilising or abrasions.

Or supply of laboratory labels can be provided bespoke or generic with a variety of pre-printed or plain options available.

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