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Why Send Your Customers Personalised Christmas Cards?


It’s that time of year again! Christmas gives you the perfect opportunity to reconnect with your customers, drive new sales, and strengthen your professional relationships. Every business from a small family-run shop to a large company can make use of Christmas cards as timely promotional tools.


Reconnect with your customer base


Just as it provides people with an excuse to reconnect with friends and family, Christmas provides businesses with a chance to get back in touch with their clients and customers. While your customers may not appreciate being bombarded with sales messages, they are much more likely to enjoy receiving a Christmas card. It is a gentle and appropriate reminder that you are there for them.


Prove that you go the extra mile


Sending your customers and business partners a personalised Christmas card is a thoughtful gesture in of itself. But going to the effort of creating bespoke cards, customised with your company branding and message, shows even more care and attention. This makes your customer feel special, and a business that makes their customers feel special is going to enjoy significant rewards in terms of heightened reputation, more customer recommendations, and increased sales.


You have a chance to prove that you really value your customers, and what better way to do that than by creating something extra special just for them?


Stand out from the crowd (or the shelf)


Let’s face it – your customers are going to get a lot of Christmas cards. If you just pick a standard design from a shop, there’s a chance it’ll blend in with the sea of other cards on the recipient’s shelf, drawer, or mantelpiece. If you are trying to make people remember you, giving them a card that they forget about the second after they’ve put it on display with the others isn’t going to get the job done.


With a bold design or a focus on the uniqueness of your company, you can create a Christmas card that really catches attention. With a range of finishes and foils available, this is much easier than you might think.


An easy way to impress


Receiving a Christmas card with your branding on it is likely to impress your customers. It will help reinforce the image of you in their minds of a large, professional operation. The truth is that personalised Christmas cards are highly affordable, but they look like a large amount of effort and resources has gone into them. Just like tying a bow around a wrapped present, a little extra flair need not be a huge undertaking, yet it can make so much difference to the final impact.


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