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Bloodbag Labels


Bloodbag labels are an essential part of the recording, auditing and accurate matching of samples to patients with a barcode system allowing for tracking the bags and reducing the risk of errors. Naturally it is crucial that blood is accurately labelled and tracked when dealing with samples or transfusions so a robust, durable barcoded bloodbag label is required to ensure this critical element is met.

We supply a range of bloodbag labels that are tough enough to withstand the rigorous demands of the various stages of testing, storage and transport of the blood samples. Using a 2 stage process; an initial labelling of the blood bag at the point of manufacture using specially formulated adhesives to protect against the softening features of the plasticisers present followed by a 2nd stage whereby a label is adhered upon the original label after the bag has been filled with blood and will contain the relevant information about the blood and patient.

All labels have been tested to the highest standards.

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