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Cheap Leaflet Printing Manchester: How Litho Printing Helps You Market Better


Leaflets are a classic marketing method that have stood the test of time. Businesses love them for their flexibility, their convenience, and their image. From the freshest start-up business to multi-million pound companies, leaflets can help you spread your message, engage your target audience, and build your reputation.


Is leaflet marketing still efficient?


Some people might like to tell you that print marketing is dead. It’s true that digital marketing has opened a lot of doors, but to say that physical marketing methods such as leafleting are redundant is to overlook the host of benefits they provide.


In some ways digital marketing is just offering more complicated ways of doing things that traditional marketing has been doing for years or even decades. For instance, you can use clever targeting to identify your target market and get your message in front of them, or you can simply go where they are and give them a leaflet. If your target market are music lovers, go to gigs; if they are business people, attend a trade show; if they’re people with medical needs, distribute your literature in doctor’s waiting rooms.


There are still thousands of places in Manchester where you can display your leaflets, and that’s without even taking into account employing people to distribute them, or simply using them as company literature to hand prospective customers or clients in person.


People can click away from a digital advert and forget about it. Even if they stuff your leaflet in their pocket without looking at it, at some point they going to be reminded of it. But there’s no need to have an argument over which is better: the best marketing strategy is one that combines offline and online. To that end, leaflets can be a great way to first capture somebody’s interest and direct them towards other areas of your marketing, such as your website.


Why does litho make the best cheap leaflet printing in Manchester?


When it comes to print marketing in large quantities, litho printing, or offset lithography to give it its full name, allows you to get more from your money without compromising on quality. It provides a higher quality image the digital print, although it is more complicated to set up, making it an expensive choice for short print runs. However, if you are looking for a large volume of flyers, the efficiency and quality of litho printing makes it your most affordable and desirable option.


What else can litho printing do?

Litho printing may be great for cheap leaflet printing in Manchester, but its uses don’t stop there. From brochures and booklets to presentation folders, posters, security documents and envelopes, litho printing can be used to produce high-quality products to suit a wide range of purposes.


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