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Booklet Labels


Booklet labels are a method of providing greater space for all relevant as well as legal information on the labels of your products.

These days many products are required to contain a great deal of information to comply with legal regulations and due diligence such as health & safety, instructions or language translations, meaning that space for features, promotions or general sales information is diminished. A booklet label is essentially a small fold out pamphlet or booklet that is affixed to the product with a self-adhesive label, ensuring that you have a labelling solution that provides all the room for essential information as well as any promotional or incentive copy aimed at increasing sales. The beauty of this option is that a booklet label can be content rich whilst taking up no more room than a conventional label.

We have a range of tailor-made booklet labels that will meet the requirements of your product to ensure that you can provide all relevant information AND still have room for your compliance wording.

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