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Cable & Wire Marking Labels


One of the big issues when working with cables or wiring is ensuring you can identify one from the other, especially in areas where they are likely to tangle or be massed together in large numbers. Of course, being able to readily identify a cable or wire is essential when trouble-shooting or fault-finding so it is imperative that is adequately and securely labelled.

We supply a wide range of cable and wire label solutions that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements. Cable wrap labels provide a clean, secure and easily recognisable way to identify cables or wires. They’re applied with the information panel fixed onto the cable and securely laminated by a clear, adhesive tail that wraps around and forms a permanent secure seal. Available in various sizes and colours, cable wrap labels can be customised to include the relevant information from serial numbers, descriptions, barcodes or any other required detail providing an easy to read yet neat and discreet solution to your cable and wire labelling needs.

Our range of cable and wire marking labels can be supplied plain or pre-printed or, as an alternative we can supply a range of non-adhesive wiring tags.

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