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Carrier / Integrated Labels


Carrier, or integrated labels are a 2 sheet style of label where a document is attached to a backing sheet. They are often seen as the ideal method for delivering promotional materials, credit cards, membership cards, or product samples. The label is die-cut through the document but not the backing sheet with adhesive coated on both sides – a permanent adhesive attaching it to the backing sheet while a removable adhesive on the other side allows for items to be secured to the sheet but easily peeled away without any residual marks.

Integrated labels are also commonly used for invoices, despatch lists and direct mailing purposes where data containing labels can be removed and attached to other documentation while retaining information on the document.

We have a wide and comprehensive supply of carrier labels / integrated labels that can be used for all scenarios and uses and in a range of colours and styles to suit your particular need. For further information on how we can assist in getting the correct integrated label for your business please contact us.

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