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Chemical Drum Labels


At Pearl Print Design we can supply a full and comprehensive range of Chemical Drum Labels to meet each and every requirement in this challenging area.

It is absolutely essential when storing or transporting chemicals in drums or similar packaging that the product is clearly and accurately labelled so as to identify both the product itself and the potential hazards attached to the handling of the product. With the drums themselves often exposed to extreme conditions of heat, light or weather then it is also imperative that the labels provided are durable, robust and resistant to scratching and fading. When transporting by merchant shipping channels labels should conform to BS5609 (see BS5609 labels) although this standard can also be applied as a benchmark of durability for chemical drum labelling in other fields as well.

Labels can be supplied pre-printed, plain or part-printed with the option of over-printing to amend for appropriate labelling of hazard symbols and health & safety warnings making sure that the correct material is used for the correct surface or container. These can be supplied in rolls, fanfolded or in sheet form.

Our range of chemical drum labels can be tailored through consultation to ensure that they meet the exact requirements of your situation affording you peace of mind that you have durable, accurate labelling on your chemical and hazardous materials.

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