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Direct Thermal Labels


Direct Thermal Labels are commonly used for short-term labelling on products with a limited shelf-life or perishable items such as fresh food produce and are ideal for barcodes, address labels or brand image labels on disposable packaging.

Images are created on direct thermal labels by the use of heat from a heating element such as a print head. This process is a quick and easy way to produce customised labels; however, the paper used in direct thermal labelling is such that they have low resistance to heat, light and time meaning they will degrade after a relatively short period. This is particularly true for unprotected direct thermal labels that are created without any top coat. These types of labels can be a suitable option for packaging on a short-term basis where there is limited or no exposure to elements such as grease, water or fatty substances and where degradation of the label is not an issue e.g. if the label will be disposed with packaging after a short period.

Protected thermal labels do have a top coating for additional protection and provide greater resistance to contaminants or wear and tear and as such will provide the label with a greater shelf-life. This would suit an item that will be on display or in storage for longer periods where the barcode or image is needed to remain intact for increased lengths of time.

When considering which type of label is best suited to your needs it is worth considering the life-span of the packaging and the conditions to which they be exposed. At Pearl Print Design we can advise on the best type of direct thermal label for your needs and have a he supply of bespoke labelling options in a range of sizes, shapes and colour as well as more generic labelling rolls.

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