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Marine Labels


At Pearl Print Design we are major suppliers of labels that are suitable for use in a marine environment with adhesives that are durable and robust enough to withstand the potentially harsh elements of such an environment, including labels that will remain in place and undamaged in total water submersion.

The transportation of goods and equipment by sea requires strict adherence to maritime legislation regarding the labelling and correct marking of containers and products including the compulsory requirement in many cases of a marine pollutant label on products that may be liable to that particular hazard.

Marine Labels, due to the levels of exposure they are likely to face are required to be manufactured to extremely high levels of durability and resistance and we supply a full range of labels adequately compliant to the task and which meet BS5609 standards for the labelling of chemical containers by sea, a standard that ensures that our labels are robust enough for marine usage in general (See BS5609 Label information).

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