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PCB Labels


Printed circuit boards (PCB) in the electronics industry are required to have sufficient labels for identification and it is essential, given some of the rigorous conditions that the circuit boards will operate under, that the labels are robust and durable enough to cope. Therefore we are able to supply to you a full range of PCB labels that are designed specifically to meet the needs of their application – labels that have been manufactured to withstand extremely high temperatures, tough enough to remain intact when exposed to soldering or cleaning materials and resistant against chemical contact.

We can tailor your PCB labels to meet the exact requirements, both in terms of durability and indeed with regard to size. We’re aware that size and space in a typical Printed Circuit Board will often be critical so we offer a range of size options to suit every possibility. Barcodes of all industry standards and serial numbers can be pre-printed or we can supply plain labels with the option of extremely durable thermal transfer ribbons that can be overprinted  safe in the knowledge that they will be tough enough to stand up to the demands of the PCB environment.

We would commonly supply PCB labels in roll form be it pre-printed or plain. Please call to discuss your exact needs so we can tailor the correct label package for your business.

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