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Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Labels


As you may imagine, the need for labelling in a pharmaceutical and healthcare environment is critical and, more importantly, the need for the correct and highest quality labels for the task is essential.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare labels are required to be robust enough to stand up to some extremely demanding conditions. The labels need to remain intact and legible throughout many rigorous procedures, storage and transportation. Labels that retain their adhesion, that do not fade, tear or degrade are essential so that all specimens, samples, equipment or similar can be readily identified, traced and recorded at all stages.

We supply a pharmaceutical and healthcare range of labels that have been quality tested and passed as suitable for all circumstances from blood samples, anaesthetics, reporting, tracing and pharmacology among all other related areas. Labels that can be plain or pre-printed and specially manufactured for approved printers as well as labels of varying adhesive and paper materials to suit all requirements. For peace of mind we are, upon request, able to provide technical data, approval and safety testing certificates on all labels we supply into the healthcare industry.

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