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Price Gun Labels


Generic or bespoke, we offer a complete range of price gun label options, suitable for all types of price gun, for your retail business.

The price gun has long since been a powerful promotional tool in the world of retail, providing the retailer with the opportunity to mark-up sale items, discounts and other promotions at the point of sale. It is also an ideal and relatively cost-effective way of increasing brand awareness providing a simple method for retailers to bring attention to their name on price labels. Products that have the correct price clearly labelled and visible on the packaging or adjacent to their place on the shelf are far more likely to end up in the customer’s basket than those items that are not priced – so an adequate price labelling strategy should not be undervalued in the world of retail.

We can supply price gun labels in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours in order to match your needs and objectives from simple pricing to enhanced labels for eye-catching marketing and promotional purposes.

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